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We are a third-generation family business dedicated to honouring the legacy and know-how of Mady. Our maple syrup is produced at our sugar shack in Bury of the Eastern Townships.

By taking excellent care of our sugar bush, our maple syrup production follows the best practices when it comes to sustainable development.

Mady shared her know-how and we keep her traditions alive by handcrafting each and every product. We take great pride in offering you with a lineup that is simply unique and divine!

Barrel-aged organic maple syrup

Virgin Mady is one of the pioneers in Canada when it comes to aging organic maple syrup. Only our best syrups are aged in barrels because we respect the long aging process. Only a limited quantity is produced every year. Our syrups are aged on the premises, in our very own cellar. Every bottle is then carefully hand-waxed, which is the final step in our quality control process. The result is an exceptional product ideal for anyone who loves unique ingredients delivering a divine taste.

Specialty organic maple syrup

Smoking chips

The only product of its kind in North America!

Virgin Mady is the only maple producer to offer smoking chips, not only infused once, but twice!

Sustainable development is a top priority for us, we want to give new life to the oak barrels we use to age our syrups. These saintly smoking chips are proof that we constantly strive to reinvent the rules. They’ll miraculously make your grilled dishes taste like they were prepared by a top chef. Naturally perfumed with whiskey, oak, and maple, they will enhance any meal. In fact, their smoke pairs wonderfully well with our aged maple syrup. And they’re also easy to use!

Maple Syrup

Did you know that not all maple syrups are created equal? That’s because each maple syrup has its own unique taste that changes from day to day in one season. Thanks to our two expert’s craftsmanship, we create exceptional syrups that have earned multiple rewards. During sugar season, every syrup is tasted and only the best are kept. They are then used to create a plethora of outstanding products. See for yourself!

Our lineup of maple products

Our products are certified organic – they’re good for the soul and the planet. Mady shared her know-how and we keep her traditions alive by handcrafting each and every product. In fact, they all require their own different type of syrup. The result is a high-quality flavour and texture. We’re proud to produce unique products that are highly beloved!

Specialty sampler and treats

These samplers are a great way to discover a world of maple flavours you can share with loved ones.

The gift boxes

These gift boxes are perfect to treat your loved ones. Personalize them with the flavors of your choice. A gift that will certainly be a hit, if you don’t keep it for yourself.

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