Maple butter

Have you tried our 100% pure organic maple butter? All lactose intolerant, gluten intolerant or even vegan individuals pay close attention: Our maple butter is lactose-free, gluten free and 100% vegan. Do you expect anything less with a 36 hour cooking procedure? Can you argue that our maple butter is not made with love and care? Mady left her family many secret recipes, recipes that no others can match. After one spoonful, I guarantee that you’ll want some more

How to use ?

Tired of the same old spread on your morning toast, try our maple butter instead. Use it as an icing on your cakes and muffins for a delicious Canadian treat. Smooth, melting maple butter on all your next desserts is a must after you’ve tried it once.


Biologic maple syrup

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Benefits and bio

Certified organic, our production is 100% chemicals free, and 100% animal fat free, using contamination-proof stainless equipment. This certification also ensures that our maple trees are located at a safe distance from any agricultural field using pesticides.


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