Golden maple syrup

All you want is a delicate tasting syrup with all the right balance of smoothness and warmth, then the golden grade is your perfect choice.

How to use ?

There are many ways to use maple syrup from your pancakes to your ham or French toast to your cakes. You used to put sugar in your coffee, but have stopped since realizing how bad white sugar is. You can now make your coffee great again by adding a little maple syrup. Always keep in mind the choice of the grade will depend on the meal you will be using it for as well as the one you find best suits you.


Biologic maple syrup

|Nutritional values

Benefits and bio

Certified organic, our production is 100% chemicals free, and 100% animal fat free, using contamination-proof stainless equipment. This certification also ensures that our maple trees are located at a safe distance from any agricultural field using pesticides.


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