Granulated Maple Sugar

Among our lineup of sweet treats, maple sugar is definitely a must-have for the everyday cook. We only use maple syrups with bold, complex flavours to produce our sugar. The result is a fine texture with an outstanding taste of maple that will improve all of your dishes.


How to use ?

Everywhere! It can be used instead of refined sugars in any recipe in equal amounts. Add it to your bowl of yogurt in the morning or your smoothies. Sprinkle some on your pie dough and muffins. This product is perfect for your imagination to run wild! Don’t forget to share your best recipes with us!


Biologic maple syrup

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Benefits and bio

Certified organic, our production is 100% chemicals free, and 100% animal fat free, using contamination-proof stainless equipment. This certification also ensures that our maple trees are located at a safe distance from any agricultural field using pesticides.


Where find our products ?
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