Golden maple syrup

Golden maple syrup is the syrup that is most enjoyed for its finesse and subtle taste. It is what is hoped for during the sugar season and can only be produced in the perfect conditions.


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How to use ?

It’s perfect as a topping, especially at breakfast or dessert. A small drizzle will enhance your pancakes, waffles, or French toast. Use some in your smoothies to add a hint of sweetness to your mornings. For dessert, put a few drops of our syrup over a warm piece of chocolate cake, use it to coat your grilled fruit, or add a splash on a scoop of your favourite ice cream.


Biologic maple syrup

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Benefits and bio

Certified organic, our production is 100% chemicals free, and 100% animal fat free, using contamination-proof stainless equipment. This certification also ensures that our maple trees are located at a safe distance from any agricultural field using pesticides.


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