Maple and whiskey smoking chips

Highly praised, our smoking chips are produced using the Tennessee whiskey barrels we use to age our maple syrups. Infused with notes of maple and naturally imbibed with the aroma of whiskey and oak, these smoking chips will heighten all your grilled dishes. They’re a unique product and their flavour will surprise your guests. An ideal gift for grill masters! Available in a limited quantity.


How to use ?

You’ll quickly develop your own technique but, in the meantime, Mady recommends you soak them in water for 1 hour*. Then use a smoker box or wrap them in a perforated sheet of aluminum foil. Place them on the BBQ over indirect heat and let the smoke rise up to infuse what you’re grilling with their blissful essence. Practically anything can be smoked – the important thing is to have fun!


*Smoking techniques vary. Find the one that best suits your tastes and equipment. You’ll find numerous recipes and tips online.

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Benefits and bio

Certified organic, our production is 100% chemicals free, and 100% animal fat free, using contamination-proof stainless equipment. This certification also ensures that our maple trees are located at a safe distance from any agricultural field using pesticides.


Where find our products ?
In points of sale near you!