12-month whiskey barrel-aged organic maple syrup – 200 mL

An exalting new addition to our lineup! Available in limited quantity, our 12-month Tennessee whiskey barrel-aged maple syrup will transport you to gastronomy heaven! It is of course alcohol-free. With its bold, robust, and complex notes, this delightful syrup will be a blessed addition to your culinary experiences!


How to use ?

Thanks to its complex flavours, our 12-month aged maple syrup will boost your savoury or sweet dishes as well as your cocktails! It strikes the perfect balance between notes of maple, oak, vanilla, hazelnut, and caramel. Add a drop to your cheese platters, use it on your tomahawk steaks before grilling them Mady-style. It’s also the perfect pairing to your smoked fish and seafood dishes. To enjoy a taste of paradise, use it on a scoop of vanilla ice cream. It is the perfect ingredient to revive all your traditional recipes!


Organic maple syrup

inspire us

Have a sweet tooth, but sophisticated?

Take the time to try a 12-month aged maple syrup drizzle on your bacon at breakfast time.

Michel Authier

Very good products, especially their new coffee-infused syrups and their 12-month aged syrup. Delicious! Try it in your salads a real delight or to put a final touch to your desserts.

Annie Haley

You will like it for sure.


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