Maple jelly Smoked and Infused with Hot Peppers – 40 ml

At Virgin Mady, patience is key. Imagine a jelly made from a syrup slowly smoked with our wood chips, then slowly infused with hot peppers. The result is divine. When you taste it, you will have 3 steps; first, a good rich taste of maple syrup, then a little touch of smoke and… Finally, the spiciness comes in. A must for all those who had the chance to taste it!


How to use ?

For an appetizer, bless your beef carpaccio with a drop of smoked maple syrup. Use it as a dipping sauce for your fried chicken and chicken wings. Baptize all your favorites condiments with its sweet and smoky flavour. Reinvent mayo, mustard, and your homemade BBQ sauce! This unique maple product will add an incredible taste to your recipes!


Organic maple syrup

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inspire us

Try the foie gras on a toast with smoked, chili-infused jelly for additional spicy flavor. You’re in for a real treat.


Your products are really beautiful and most importantly, delicious! And the smoked and chili-infused jelly…woww!!! That one too, on a vanilla ice cream, nice combo.


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