Maple butter with Himalayan salt – 75 g

In order to concoct a product that is both distinctive and delicious the choice was simple: we would use Himalayan salt known for its many virtues and low sodium content. Clever!

This is how Virgin Mady came up with this delectable butter, offering a perfect balance between sweet and salty. Following Mady’s legacy of techniques, it takes 36 hours to make.

The result is divinely exquisite!


How to use ?

Hide it in your fridge and enjoy it by the spoonful! You can also add it to your desserts, chocolate treats, and fruits. Try it as a coating for salmon or fish… simply sublime.


Biologic maple syrup, Himalaya salt

|Nutritional values

inspire us

Looking for a great discovery? Add some Himalayan salt maple butter on your grilled corn and enjoy

Patrick Lessard

Super good maple product.

Lise Turcotte

To try it is to adopt it and I personally have a soft spot for the maple butter with Himalayan salt…A pleasure for your taste buds…..

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